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Why provide reticulated water to livestock?
Replacing streams and dams with water tanks, pumps, pipes and troughs on hill country farms makes the flow of stock water more efficient.

A recent report for the NZ government identifies the following advantages:-

  • Increased stock numbers.
  • Increased lambing (12%) and/or calving percentages.
  • Increased slaughter weights.
  • Opportunistic stock finishing.
  • Saved costs from not having to maintain dams on a regular basis.
  • Economics paybacks from 1.5 years (3 year average over 11 farms)

Note: New NZ legislation will exclude dairy cattle from access to waterways from 2017 and further exclusions will follow in years to come. You will find more information on this matter in the Resources section of this website.

What's in the package?

Here is a list of major components included in the package:-

  • SHP-Triplex pump with pressure limit control.
  • A treated timber base with pump mounted on it (option extra fee applies).
  • Thick rubber vermin guard.
  • Inlet and outlet fittings (inlet fitting up to 16 Bar rated).
  • Non-return valve for supply pipe to storage tank.
  • Foot valve, pipe clamp and 5m of 25mmID clear suction hose.
  • 1 x stainless mesh filter mesh to go inside filter bag.
  • 2 x filter bags.
  • 1 x floating switch.
  • 2 x pairs of MC4 connectors.
  • 1 x 30 amp DC switch with MC4 connectors.

For a detailed list of parts please refer to Installation manual - Chapter 1, page 9

Items that are not provided:-

  • Any civil works.
  • Intake pipe screen (if needed) for gravity fed installs.
  • Main long supply pipe to tank, and pipe fittings.
  • Water tanks (header/storage or any buffer tank at intake).
  • SHP oil.
  • Solar PV Wire.
  • Solar lift bore pump if required.
  • Pontoon.
  • Installation of any items.

Items we can supply for additional cost:-

540W PV arrays.
1080W PV array and one MC4 2-1 branch connector set.
1620W PV array and one MC4 3-1 branch connector set.
Red solar PV wire.
Black solar PV wire.
PV panel aluminium racking.
Installation service.
System design service.
Spare foot valve.
KWhr meter.
Flow meter.
Seal service kit and valve set (x6).
Plunger ceramic liner set (x3).
How high can the PowerSpout SHP-Triplex pump water?

The PowerSpout SHP-Triplex has a maximum dynamic pumping head of 300m.  Please keep in mind that 160m (aka 16bar) is the upper limit of common HDPE farm pipes.
If you have a specialized application and want to pump up to 500m head, we can also do this but need to fit a lower RPM higher power motor. We can do this but the retail price will be at least twice the standard price for a specially made SHP-Triplex to order.
How much water can it pump daily?

These tables are given as a guide only for typical NZ conditions. The test site where this data was measured was in Taranaki NZ. Places with higher average solar radiation levels will observe higher litres per day pumped and vice-versa.

This table may over predict or under predict for your NZ location, it is indicative only.  If your chosen pipe diameter results in more than 10% increase in dynamic head due to friction then performance (for a given head) may be less.
The pump will work fine on heads under 80m, but is never likely to pump more than 10,000 litres per day in summer. Below 80m less power is required so the pump spends more time running at full speed, which is limited by the electronic BLDC (brushless DC motor) speed controller. It is our assumption that most of our customers will wish to pump in the 60-220m static head range.

The maximum flow the pump can deliver is 15.7 litres/minute dependent on head.

What happens if there is not enough water for the SHP?

The flow of water through the SHP depends on having water in your resource. If your resource flow cannot keep up with the SHP pumped flow then the level will fall until air enters the suction line. A small buffer pond in the water resource can store the water that flows during the night when the SHP cannot run. Once air enters the SHP it will continue to rotate, but no water can be pumped, as suction prime will have been lost. This can damage the SHP as it needs water to cool and lubricate it. Our software team are working on a sensor (future upgrade) that will stop the pump if this condition is observed). Allowing the SHP to run without water will cause about $100 worth of parts damage. So it is not a major issue, but should be avoided with the addition of a level switch.

For more details please refer to section 2.5, page 32 of the installation manual.

What happens when the tank is full and I don’t need more water anymore?

The SHP comes with a pressure sensor that can be used to turn off the pump when the header/storage tank is full.

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For further details on this NEW SOLAR WATER PUMP please contact:
Independent Power NZ Ltd
32e William Pickering Drive
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