Product information for the PowerSpout SHP water pump - Solar Water Pump

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PowerSpout SHP

The PowerSpout SHP (Solar Hydraulic Pump) is available now. The SHP can be powered from 2, 4 or 6  260 watt solar modules to pump water from a low resevoir or river to a higher header tank. It is NOT a bore pump. Your water resource must be at ground level.

The PowerSpout SHP arrives complete on a pallet to your nearest main freight depot in NZ.

For a great introduction to the SHP and its NZ solar panel kit, watch these YouTube videos:
and read these documents:
The SHP is supplied standard with 4 x 260W solar PV panels and mounting frames.

The installation manual gives you details of what is supplied in this complete kit.  Refer to section 6 of the installation manual for extra items you may want to order at the same time.

Refer to our Resource pages for a complete list of documents.

If you would like product information or pricing for a pump system that is for your own use then please email us.

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For further details on this NEW SOLAR WATER PUMP please contact:
Independent Power NZ Ltd
32e William Pickering Drive
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