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The SHP-Triplex comes complete with the following items:-

  • SHP-TRIPLEX pump with pressure limit control
  • Thick rubber vermin guard
  • Inlet and outlet fittings (outlet rated up to 16 Bar)
  • Non-return valve for supply pipe to storage tank
  • Foot valve, pipe clamp, stainless mesh filter cage to go inside the filter bag and 2 x filter bags
  • 7 x pairs of Slocable MC4 matching solar connectors
  • 1 x pair of Slocable solar branch connectors (for up to 4 panels, 2 strings of 2)
  • 1 x 30 amp DC switch with Slocable MC4 connectors
  • Stainless steel and ACP fairing with strap

Optional extras to be ordered with the pump if required are:-

  • High Head Upgrade - High Power PMA and stainless steel inlet and outlet fittings for heads greater than 16 Bar (>160m head)
  • 25mm ID clear suction hose - available in 1m increments up to maximum 5m

Also available:-

This Fixing Kit Includes:
  • 4 x 100mm Stainless Steel Tek Screws
  • 4 x 50mm Stainless Steel Tek Screws
  • 3/8" Hex Driver


Fluid level float switch.
Comes with 6m of cable and a weight.
This switch can be used with the SHP to turn off the pump if the supply resource is getting low.

SLOCABLE MC4 Type Solar PV Connectors

The Slocable MC4 type solar connectors provide a waterproof, durable connection when used with 4mm² solar PV wire. They are sold in male and female pairs and can be attached to the wire with any good 4mm² barrel crimp tool.

We recommend purchasing the Slocable connector tool which makes tightening the glands and breaking these connections easily.

Note: if wiring your own system in NZ, you can do so for  voltages up to 120 VDC (ELV) if you have suitable knowledge and  experience. For LV systems (>120 VDC) this is prescribed electrical  work and it must be done by a licenced electrician.

SLOCABLE ELV Solar PV Fuse Holder and Fuse
This Slocable brand MC4 fuse is intended for off-grid ELV PV arrays of 3 or more strings.
If you require both poles to be fused, then buy 2 and install one in both the +ve and –ve wires. You must not  open them under load, so ensure that after the strings are combined  that a correctly rated DC switch is used before the PCE (power  conversion equipment) so that the arrays can be turned off.

Note: if wiring your own system in NZ, you can do so for  voltages up to 120 VDC (ELV) if you have suitable knowledge and  experience. For LV systems (>120 VDC) this is prescribed electrical  work and it must be done by a licenced electrician.

SHP-TX Spare Foot Valve
Every SHP-TXriplex owner should have a spare foot valve on the shelf (other than those who have a gravity fed supply).

This part must be replaced each year and kept in perfect working order. Once the foot valve starts to leak, the SHP-TX may be unable to clear air in the system and hence not be able to draw water into the pump body on sunrise.

If you run your pump air-locked (without water) you will likely damage the wet side pistons seals (water is needed for cooling and lubrication). These seals will then leak once you fix the faulty foot valve.  

SHP-TX K24 Flow Meter
   This K24 Flow Meter is for water and other low viscosity fluids

Inlet & Outlet:  1” BSP (25mm)
Accuracy: +/- 1%
Max pressure rating:  20 bar
Flow range: 10-120L/min
Units: L, GAL, PTS, QTS

  • Easy to install, in line or at the end of a delivery pipe.
  • Can be calibrated for your fluid type
  • Supplied with English instructions
  • Totals can be zeroed
  • Powered by two AAA batteries supplied

Has sturdy plastic casing and is sealed making it suitable to use for many other applications.
Great for checking flow rates, but not suitable for 24/7,  365 day operation.

SHP-TX Complete Spare Parts Kit
If you are a  farmer using the SHP-Triplex to pump water and you have no backup plan, then  purchase a set of complete consumable spare parts and keep them ready  for when needed, you will need them one day.

You can then replace the parts used.

This Spare Parts Kit Includes:
  • Spare Ceramic Piston Liners
  • Spare Oil Side Seals
  • Spare Valves
  • Spare Wet Side Seals

SHP-TX Spare Ceramic Piston Liners
If you replace the ceramic liners you must replace the wet side seals at the same time.
These piston liners are rock hard and when pumping clean water will last for many years.
The seals that these ceramic liners run in will need to be replaced more often than the liners. A complete seal/liner/valve kit is available.
Ceramic liners can become worn and start to leak if you have fine  hard particles in your water such as pumice. In such cases you need to  focus on removing this material from the flow with filtration methods.

SHP-TX Spare Valves
This SHP-TX valve kit includes:
* 6 x hard wearing stainless steel valves on stainless steel seats in a plastic housing
* 6 x valve seals

Valves will wear in time and start to back flow. This back flow will reduce pump efficiency.
These valves are very hard wearing and should last for many years.

If performance of your SHP-TX pump has dropped over time then you likely have internal leakage flow.
Replace the 6 one-way valves and O-ring valve seats.

Be very careful when replacing these parts to make sure the valve sits square before you tighten the large head retaining plug, otherwise you can squash and damage the valves as you tighten the plug.  Always work on the pump head with the valve hole vertical, before you screw in the valve plug. This method avoids the problem of a skewed valve that is then crushed by the retaining plug.

If you damage a valve (or have a stone stuck under the seat preventing closing) then the pressure will pulsate and pump performance will be very low and erratic and you will also suffer loss of suction.

SHP-TX Spare Wet Side Seals

This wet side seal kit includes all the seals (x6), o-rings (x3) and plastic seals/spacers (x6)
to fully refurbish the seals in the brass head of an SHP-Triplex pump.
There is also a complete spare parts kit available.

SHP-TX Spare Oil Side Seal

The SHP-Triplex has one oil seal on the shaft that protrudes from the pump body, and 3 seals  - one on each plunger.  If you see an oil leak from any of these 4  seals at a service check (or you may notice that the oil level in the pump body is falling), then these 4 seals will need to be replaced.

To remove each seal in turn you will need to:
  • Remove the Smart Drive motor and brass cylinder head
  • Drill a small hole (1-1.5mm) in the face of the oil seal that you can see
  • Make a steel hook on the end of 1mm hard wire
  • Use this wire to hook out each seal in turn
  • Clean out the pump and wash out any debris from drilling of the 4 holes.
  • Push in the new seal, you will need to make a pipe tool drift to do this
  • Reassemble and replace oil, etc.
  • Run and check oil leak has been fixed

Slocable Solar PV Connector Tool
This tool comes in handy if you need to disconnect a Slocable MC4 type plug/socket.
Slocable MC4 type plug & sockets may be damaged if the correct separation tool is not used.

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