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An ideal pump for filling livestock watering tanks, being clean, quiet, low maintenance and having a low cost of ownership over the long term. Made in New Zealand, the SHP Solar Water Pump is easy and safe for a farmer to install without the need for permits for water extraction, solar array construction or electrical installation. Annual servicing is easy to do yourself, or can be carried out by the NZ manufacturer for a fixed annual cost.
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PowerSpout SHP Installation Video
Installation of PowerSpout SHP
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Replacing streams and dams with water tanks, pumps, pipes and troughs on hill country farms, makes the flow of stock water more efficient.
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cow drinking from trough
SHP diagram
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  • Increased stock numbers
  • Solar energy is abundantly available
  • Increased slaughter weights
  • Non polluting and eco friendly
  • Saved costs from not having to maintain dams on a regular basis
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Increased lambing and/or calving percentage
  • Able to be installed and operated in remote areas
  • Payback period from 1.5 years (3 years average over 11 farm sample)
  • Not dependent on grid power, diesel or petrol generators
  • Saved costs from not having to maintain dams on a regular basis
  • Highly reliable with trouble free operation and performance

Note: New NZ legislation will exclude dairy cattle from access to waterways from 2017 and further exclusions will follow in years to come.
SHP main unit
SHP exploded view
SHP module array
water trough
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For further details on this NEW SOLAR WATER PUMP please contact:
Independent Power NZ Ltd
32e William Pickering Drive
Page updated 19th September 2017
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