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React Pump

If you are a farmer or lifestyle block owner, you are already aware that a reliable water reticulation system has a substantial impact on animal wellbeing and overall productivity of the farm or your orchard. 


An efficient water reticulation system needs an effective water pumping solution. Unfortunately, the majority of pumps are very energy hungry and it costs thousands of dollars yearly in power or fuel bills to keep them running. What’s even worse is that power costs are going to rise over time.  

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to use free energy from the sun instead of expensive electricity or fuel to run a pump? 

Let me introduce you to the React Solar Water Pump. The main advantage of a solar water pump over other pumping solutions is that the pump itself is powered by the sun only. In the standard version, you have a complete stand-alone system that does not require power from the grid or a generator. 

The React Solar Water Pump will pump your water  up to 300m dynamic head, and  needs  nothing else to run in addition to the sun. This means significant savings for you. No more energy bills for pumping water on your farm!  


So how does the system work?  

  • When the sun comes up the PV Solar array starts powering the electronic driver that in turn powers the pump motor.  

  • Water starts getting pumped up to the holding tank  

  • The motor driving the pump is controlled by an internal circuit, without any need for batteries. 

  • Stock demand for water will tend to follow the solar cycle. More sun more water, less sun less water required 

  • At sunset the pump will turn itself off.  

  • Pressure switch will protect the system from overflowing and float switch from running the pump dry 

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