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Spare Parts

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The React Solar Pumps comes complete with the following items: 

  • React pump with pressure limit control 

  • Thick rubber vermin guard 

  • Inlet and outlet fittings (outlet fitting rated up to 16 Bar) 

  • Non-return valve for supply pipe to storage tank 

  • Foot valve, pipe clamp, stainless mesh filter cage to go inside filter bag & 2x filter bags 

  • MC4 connectors  

  • branch connectors  

  • 1 x 32 amp DC switch with PV connectors 

  • Stainless steel & ACP Fairing with strap 

  • 3m x 25mmID clear suction hose 

  • Full Service Kit 2

  • Float switch 

  • SS fixing kit 

  • 750ml SAE 15W-40 Oil 

  • 24 Month Warranty*  


*12 month warranty extended to 24 months on product registration 

Spare Parts

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