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The React Pump

The best in its class

Water uphill via sunlight

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Meet the
React Pump

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The React solar water pump is an ingenious little pump built to provide years of trouble-free water pumping, avoiding the need for more expensive and time consuming options such as petrol pumps. It’s an ideal pump for filling livestock watering tanks, orchard irrigation, and lifestyle blocks where access to mains power is difficult or very costly. React solar pump aims to work in remote areas as a standalone (offgrid) solution. It comes as a DIY kit with extensive documentation and a video library explaining the process of installation and operation. If DIY is not one of your strengths,  you still have the option to engage with a professional installer.  


Saves Money

  • With an average payback period of 3 years  (calculated from 11 stock farm samples)

  • The best payback period noted was 1.5 years

  • No diesel or electricity bills as the pump runs from solar.  

  • No need to invest in generator or mains power connection point as solar water pump is off grid 

  • Costs are saved from not having to maintain dams on a regular basis 

  • DIY installation saves extra money as there is no need for a tradesperson to set it up.

  • Overall price is much more cost effective than the competition  

  • Low cost of ownership over the long term 

Other  Benefits

  • Will pump to set pressure (the point where the ballcock starts to close) and then stop 

  • Pressure stop point is set via a simple push button which can be reset as required 

  • Float switch will turn it off when the tank is full 

  • Brushless motor design - no wear on parts in the motor 

  • Direct drive - no gearbox to fail 

  • Motor speed controller tracks for maximum solar PV power 

  • React pumps last longer because each individual component has to do less work. The flow of water from a React pump is more constant so no pressure dampener is needed 

  • Plunger pumps are less prone to damage than piston pumps (within reason refer to installation guide)

  • Is light enough to mount on a pontoon to float on the surface water of storage dams, eliminating the need for high suction lifts 

Efficient & Convenient

  • Can be installed in remote locations where other pumping solutions are difficult to setup, for example hill country or other terrain with difficult access. 

  • The pump is capable of pumping to a 160m head, and with high dynamic head upgrade it can pump up to 300m. 

  • It's lightweight, less then 22kg, so there is less risk of getting injured from lifting. It's easy to move and maintain  

  • World best in class with peak pumping efficiency 64% and a high-efficiency motor (up to 80% efficient) 

EcoFriendly, Local & Saves Time

  • Made from 25% recycled materials, making it the most eco-friendly solar pump available on the global market 

  • Runs on renewable energy, no pollution  

  • The pump is assembled  in Taranaki, PV kits and accessories in Auckland 

  • Technical support, warranty and aftersales service is provided from New Zealand

  • Less demanding operation. No need to turn it on and off, when set up properly it will start pumping once the sun is up and stop at sunset 

  • Low maintenance requirement 


Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 15.25.47.png

The React pump can be powered from 2 or 4 solar PV panels to pump water from a low reservoir or river to a higher header tank. It is not a bore or submersible pump. Your water resource must be at ground level. 

This chart shows the estimated flow per day over the calendar year using 4 PV panel kit (1080W) with split East-West array. 


The primary function of a solar powered pump is to supply water to high country farms. Well reticulated and accessible water on a stock farm will increase stock numbers, slaughter weights and lambing and/or calving percentage. Please refer to our Resource pages for a complete list of documents. Although the solar powered pump is designed primarily for farms there are a number of other applications it can serve well:


•Household water tank filling 

•Plant and crop watering - irrigation 

•Pumping from rivers and creeks into tanks or pipelines 

•Remote community water systems 

•Numerous other water pumping applications 

More React Pump video tutorials on installation here

For example on Taranaki test site, on a typical summer’s day, we can expect about 6800 l/day to a 150m dynamic head. (120m vertical lift + 30m pipe friction head). Chapter 2.2.1 of the manual gives more details about the performance.  


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